Delta Sigma Consultancy


Richard van Everdingen started his career as a computer engineer at Getronics. He then moved to cable operator Casema, where he specialised in head-end systems. He led the development of a patented measurement system for FM modulated broadcasting, a loudness based levelling system for dedicated rebroadcasting use and introduced the idea for a levelling system for DVB distribution, directly operating in the MPEG-1 Layer II domain. He currently works as international operating consultant for broadcast companies at Delta Sigma Consultancy in the Netherlands.


Richard is an active member of the EBU PLOUD group right from the start. He leads the distribution subgroup and is responsible for the content of the EBU Tech 3344 document, the extensive guidelines for distribution and consumer equipment. He also contributes to research on further optimisation of EBU R128, including automated adaptation, improvement of the experience and quality control of programme content such as drama series and films. 

More  information can be found on Linkedin.