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Complaints about loudness jumps between television channels and programmes are a well-known and worldwide issue in the broadcasting domain. The cause is mainly found in a wrong kind of measurement and the replacement of skilled operators by automated media systems. To facilitate computerised levelling of programmes, the International Telecommunications Union (ITU-R) published recommendation BS.1770 after many years of scientific research. ITU-R BS.1770 is an open standard for loudness measurement. 


The normalisation of loudness is a milestone in the history of audio broadcasting. It started a revolution by specifying standardised levels in radio and television production, in play-out systems and, potentially, in many other applications like internet streaming media and in the cinema. It can even optimise audio applications for very specific use, like an announcement system in a train! 

EBU R128

Based on ITU-R BS.1770, the European Broadcasting Union started PLOUD, a working group that has the task to develop the practical application of loudness normalisation for radio and television use. It led to the publication of EBU R128, a worldwide respected European broadcasting specification.

Further improvement

Delta Sigma Consultancy uses own research and practice at broadcasting stations to optimise loudness normalisation. Projects such as Film Soundtrack Adaptation are examples that contribute to further development of loudness procedures and potential worldwide standardisation.

What can Delta Sigma Consultancy do for you?

Delta Sigma Consultancy is specialised in loudness normalisation and delivers audio and video consultancy to broadcast stations, distribution companies like cable operators and manufacturers of software, professional devices and consumer equipment. This includes presentation and training, research and testing, measurements, project support, documentation, workflow description, development and implementation. Distributors can be supported to get their head-ends, VOD play-out systems and their specifications for set-top boxes and IDTVs up to date regarding loudness issues.

Independent position

Delta Sigma Consultancy works independently and is not commercially linked to any other company. In that way the best advice can be supplied to the customers in what to do and what to use in their environment, depending on local circumstances, preferences, budget restrictions and needs.